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2CE (two-cee-ee) is a psychedelic hallucinogen which produces a similar effect to other strong hallucinogenic drugs like LSD or mushrooms.  

2CE can produce a more intense trip than 2C-I or 2CB. It can create a greater appreciation of music, visual hallucinations as well as nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, muscle aches. The effects can be overwhelming but staying calm will help reduce any negative effects. 

2CE is known for giving stronger stomach pains than other 2C drugs

A normal dose for a 2CE trip would be around 5mg if swallowing or 1mg if snorting but don't take these as recommendations and remember everyone will react differently.

A dose can come on as quickly as 20 minutes but could take up to two hours. The effects can last from four to 12 hours. Avoid redosing if you have not felt the effects of the first dose- it will come on eventually. 

What you Need to Know

If you choose to take 2CE

Legal Information

2CE is a Class A drug which means it is illegal to possess, sell or give away. You could get up to seven years in prison or an unlimited fine.

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