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MPA (Methiopropamine)

Methiopropamine (Meth-eye-o-prop-a-meen) also known as MPA or Blow and found in many branded "legal high" products, appeared on the legal high market and has grown in popularity since 2010.  It is currently under a Temporary Class Drug Order.
Methiopropamine is a stimulant (upper) drug with similar effects to methamphetamine which can make you feel alert and more energetic.  It also increases your heart rate and breathing.  People using it can experience a mild high, sexual arousal and loss of appetite as well as difficulty urinating (peeing), chest pain, breathing problems and an urge to re-dose.  
It comes in a fine white powder which is usually snorted or swallowed in a cigarette paper (bombed).  An average dose for snorting will give around 50 lines from a gram and for swallowing around 25 bombs from a gram.  These doses should not be taken as recommendations.
Snorting often causes effects to come on quicker than swallowing and it can be a more intense experience although effects tend to last longer when the drug is swallowed.  

What you Need to Know

If you choose to use MPA:

Legal Information

Class B drug. Penalties for possession are up to five years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.  Supply holds penalties of up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.

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