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Dihydrocodeine (die-hi-dro-coe-deen) also known as DF’s, DF118’s, Diffs and DHC is often prescribed by a doctor for pain and has been used as a treatment for heroin addiction, although it can also lead to dependency. It is mainly used as a street drug by regular opiate users, although it is illegal to possess unless prescribed by a doctor.

Dihydrocodeine is an analgesic (pain relieving) drug similar to, but weaker than, heroin or morphine. It also slows down heart rate and breathing. People using it can experience a mild high, improved mood and a feeling of being cut off from physical and emotional pain as well as nausea, constipation and dependency.

They come as small, white, round or oblong tablets and are usually swallowed.  The dose given by a doctor is usually 30mg every four hours although this depends on what it is being used for.  People who usually take other analgesic drugs such as heroin or benzodiazepines will often take more than this.  These doses should not be taken as recommendations.

What you Need to Know

If you choose to use dihydrocodeine:

Legal Information

Class B drug unless prescribed by a doctor or purchased in very small amounts from a pharmacy.  Penalties for illegal possession are up to five years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.  Supply holds penalties of up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine. 


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